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Cazzo has organised a pig orgy in Berlin. Of course, to be a cazzo model you need to be uninhibited, hung, hungry for cock and of course, you must love rough, hardcore sex! XXL cocks and stretched asses, another day in the office for CAZZZO!


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Leatherbigwolf is a sexy hunk of a man. Tall, hairy, striking and always looking for sacrifices for his games. Axl is the perfect bottom. Submissive and ready for anything. He shoves his master's fat cock so deep into his mouth that he almost has to puke. Leatherbigwolf won't let him escape. He rips at his head and pushes him on the fat slimy monster until he gets no more air and beads of thick spit strings on his nuts. His master now stands up and rams his cock even deeper into his face. So deep that the spit squirts from his mouth. The wolf smokes his cigar in peace and makes his slave verbally ready. To go to the next stage. Axl is now in a sling. His hairless ass stretches towards his master and he works with his fingers, dildo and finally also with his fist, which slides into the Pitschnassen ass channel. When the cunt is open enough, the tail is pushed immediately afterwards. The Wolf gives Axl a fuck that makes him moan like a pig. The pent-up sperm sauce squirts from his master deep into his mouth.


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A young passive male wanted to have a session with a rough dominant top so we gave him what he asked for. The boy got face-fucked, pounded and fisted and of course, his mouth got filled with man-juice!


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In the Mutchmann Berlin, fuck action happens every night. Samir goes for a drink when he meets the younger Pietro del Toro who is also there for an after-work beer. Pietro shows him immediately that he's not just there to drink. He presses the bearded pig on the floor and shoves his cock between his smooth lips. Samir swallows the cock and greedily and it disappears down his throat. Pietro likes the hard way and so he presses the head of the German as he kneels and makes him to stop blowing. Pietro presses Samir against the bars and pulls apart his hairy cunt with his steaming tongue. The Brazilian gets him deep in the ass and makes him ready for fucking. His perfectly formed pink piston slides into the German cunt as he to fuck him slowly. The louder Samir moans - the deeper and more intense Pietro rams the foreign meat. Samir now sits on the cock and let him even deeper in the hole inside. However, he wants cum in the mouth and so there is a last stop fuck for the German and Pietro him spread the cream in the face.


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The stray dog blonde Ashley Rider is an absolute star in the adult universe. His trained asshole can put away a lot of things. And his imagination is boundless. It is not surprising that he straps an oversized dildo onto the body itself of the short hair pig Michael Duncan. They are both bottoms, so the sex star has decided to be fisted properly. First, Michael receives a massive dildo in his hairless butt. With faster brutality, Ashley bores its way into the slowly rising ass cave. Harder and harder he fucks the Gummdildo so long in the warm pussy until his own ass wants a go and Michael takes the rudder over. He pushes first the rubber part and then his hand into the ass Canal. The cunt lips open with each thrust in the hole more, until it finally pushes the proud Rosebud with greedy splendor into the ass channel. With big, fat and long dildos Ashley breaks the pussy opening so far, that eventually two hands in fit. There is only once such glorious bastard and that is Ashley Ryder. All filmed live in front of an audience!


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The Dark Country market is the leather pride of Antwerp and is one of the largest unofficial fuck sessions in the city. The pigs here will dress up in leather and rubber blown and fucked in their asses to your hearts content. One of the customers, Mike Bomer, has just put on a rubber mask and searches for matching chaps and discovers the two Tattooed machos AJ and Aymeric. After a brief check of Mike, muscled body Aymeric unpacks his juicy dick and pushes it into the rubber pig's mouth. AJ meanwhile takes care of his plump butt and licking him skillfully. After his greedy tongue goes a few times in and around that licked asshole, he now wants to push his magnificent dick into the willing ass. Once the cheeks are apart in go the poundings into the steamy hole. The pussy must withstand quite a beating as AJ rams his fuck stick all the way to his gut. But Aymeric wants even more fun and so the cashier of the stall Ruben Mastin is included in their perverted game. With his puppy mask onk he goes onto all fours and grabs for the cocks down his wide open deep throat mouth until he almost pukes. AJ needs to be the hardest as the biggest pig of them all. He alternately pushes his perfect Dick into Mike and Aymeric's ass channels and sprays Mike about the rubber face. At the end, we wanted to offer a little more to the show's visitors and the bald pigs and blow cream on each other with the greedy eating until the cum is running down their chins.


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