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Blond Billy and swarthy Latino Max have a lot in common. Both of these well-built athletes like an intense ass workout.


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Aymeric is a French tourist seeking only one in Berlin: tails for his racy Männervotze. To satisfy his cock he invites a guest over and grabs his cock in the black leather wrestler outfit when the door rings. Alberto Esposito, his hot-blooded Internet fuck date appears. In his black and Red motorcycle jacket and his pop-tight leather pants, he looks hot! So hot that Aymeric can't hide his fat cock. Bald pig Alberto assumes a position on a Chair and strips his panties down and presents his velvety splendor butt. A long thread of spit lands over and over in the hole of the pig. Alberto licks the spit and then smears in back in deep. His demanding tongue digs its way into the steaming meat cave and and further opens the asshole. His cock is even harder as a result. Once again, the crunchy ass cheeks of the bald pig re pulled apart and once again the tongue lands directly on the willing rosette which always remains open, so that the spit runs directly into the meat Canal. Now the two pigs are ready for their spanking. While the meat whip of Alberto is especially long, Aymeric´s is a mega huge beast which is brutally hit by its owner in the bearded Alberto's mouth. The Italian deepthroats his new pal. His mouth is filled with spit, which he spits on the ground to make way for the pig's tail again. And now finally he gets fucked. Each other the holes is rammed bareback until the pigs are sore and their asses steam. As Aymeric finally squirts hot white juice in Alberto's ass who then pulls himself 'til he cums too.


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Two rascals go pay a visit to Brunos, a Berlin gay sex-shop. They're looking for a porn DVD and a kinky outfit but they're gonna find much better than that. In the shop, there is cock-sucker eager to please Brunos' clients. A great opportunity to use his holes and shoot their loads!


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Ashley knew what he wanted very young. At 18 Asley Ryder was already an expert at cock-sucking and getting fucked. He got into kink very early, taking pleasure from playing with his cute ass. Today, Ashley is in Berlin, tied up by a master and pushed to stretch his on limits...Euh his ass I mean! Check him out!


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Two wiry blond Huns go all out: Florian takes Chris' rock-hard monster cock so deep in his throat that he literally chokes on it. But his little butt is also open for business. Florian lets himself go and pisses all over himself as Chris fucks him hard. With Chris‘ fist in his ass, Florian sends his semen flying. And Chris spits in his face. Only Berlin pigs go in for such juicy fucking!


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A horny Latino male heard about a spot in the woods where sex-addicts hang out in search for action. Once there, it doesn't take long to prove him right as he comes across a tattooed rascal, ready to fuck him like a vulgar sex-doll. Exactly what he wanted!


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